How to Use the Hudhomestore Website to Buy a HUD Home

If you’re searching for a HUD home, you can search on the Hud home store website.

While you can find homes on the HUD site, you will need to get approved first.

FHA loans are the most popular type of mortgage used to purchase a HUD home from the Hud home store website.

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What is the HUD Home Store?

The HUD Home Store is a Government website operated by HUD ( The Department of Housing and Home Development) that lists all HUD homes for sale. The HUDhomestore website is where you go to locate and bid on HUD properties.

What is a HUD home?

A HUD home is a home that was foreclosed on by a borrower who had an FHA loan. When an FHA loan is foreclosed on, HUD becomes the new owner, and the house is listed for sale at HUD foreclosures can be a great bargain.

HUD prefers to sell their homes to owner-occupied borrowers. An owner-occupied borrower is someone who intends to live in the home as their primary residence. Initially, HUD homes are only available to owner-occupied borrowers; if it does not sell after a period of time, it is offered to anyone, including investors.

Who can qualify for HUD foreclosures?

Anyone can buy a HUD home as long as they can get approved for a mortgage and haven’t bought a HUD home in the last 2 years.

How to apply for HUD foreclosures?

FHA loans are the most common type of loan product used to purchase a HUD foreclosed home. You should rates and loan offers with multiple lenders to make sure you get the lowest rate. FHA loans are the most popular type of loan used to buy HUD properties.

2020 FHA Loan Requirements

• 580 credit score with 3.5% down

• 500-579 score with 10% down

• Maximum 50% debt-to-income ratio

• Two years of stable employment and income history

• For primary residence only

• 24 month waiting period after a foreclosure or bankruptcy

• 1% of student loan debt added to DTI ratio

How do I search for a property on the HUD site?

When you go to the Hudhomestore website, you will see a U.S. map. Click on your state, then you can type in an address, or you can search by price, beds, baths, etc. You are required to sign up for an account on the HUD Homestore website. You will be able to set up alerts and save searches.

I found a house on the Homestore website; how can I look at it?

You will need a real estate agent to purchase a property you find on the Homestore site. If you do not have a realtor, we can refer you to a local agent to assist you. If you want to look at a home you found on the Hudhomestore website, your agent can set up a time to show it to you.

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How do I place a bid on a property on the Homestore site?

You will not be able to place a bid yourself. Your real estate agent can place a bid for you online.

Am I able to get extra money for repairs?

Yes, if you get an FHA 203k streamline loan, you can purchase the home plus get up to $35,000 in cash to make minor repairs or renovations.

Can I buy a home on the HUD Homestore website if I’m an investor?

Yes. However, HUD properties are originally offered to owner-occupants. After a period of time, the property will be available for investors to bid on.

Do I have to register on the Homestore website to place a bid?

No. Your real estate agent will be placing your bid on your behalf. Only your real estate agent needs to register to bid on the hudhomestore site.

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