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Send it to us here. Your post must be of high quality without spelling or grammatical errors.

What We’re Looking For

Guest authors – A guest author writes a single article that will be published on our site. We are happy to accept guest posts that are relevant and well written. Please send us an email with a short bio, link to your site, topic ideas, and links to other articles you have written.

Contributor – A contributor commits to contributing at least 2 guest posts per month for The Lenders Network.

What you get for contributing

There are a few perks to being a contributor. The main thing you’ll receive is exposure and a backlink to your website..

The Lenders Network has over 300,000 new visitors per month and is highly ranked for many high volume keywords.

You will also receive:

  • A bio and head shot on the author page with links to your content and a link to your website.
  • Articles will be posted to our social media accounts.

How to I become a contributing writer? 

Send us an email and provide links to other articles you have written so we know you can write about real estate and other financial topics.

Your Guest Post must be Original

  • Original content only. Articles that have been previously published on the web are not accepted.
  • Content will not be published elsewhere. You must agree that you will not publish your article anywhere after submission.
  • Linking. We do not allow for links to your site to be included in the content. This helps us reduce fluff and writers solely interested in backlinks. If you’re referencing news or articles from other bloggers, you must attribute your sources. A link to your website will be included on your author page.
  • Content relevant to our site. Please review previous posts on the site. Our website focuses on lending, credit, debt and other finance topics. Articles that are not in-line with our focus will be rejected.
  • Length requirement. A good post will explore a topic in-depth and should be a minimum of 600 words in length. Do not submit posts with less than 600 words or it will be rejected.

Entries will be reviewed within 5 business days of submission. You will receive an email from us if we publish your article, or need additional information.

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