7 Ultimate Tips to Capture Better Home Listing Photos to Attract Buyers

real estate listing pictures

Just imagine that you are going to buy a house, so, where you will start looking for it.

Undoubtedly, the first thing that will come to your mind is the internet; rather than visiting the particular location and wandering in the streets, you would like to search for the house online.

There are a number of real estate listings that you can refer to for locating a right house.

However, you are not alone; about 89% of the home buyers begin their search online. After considering the basic specifications like the price range, size and location, the next thing that buyers look at is the homes photos.

These house photos can be deal breakers or deal makers depending on the factor that how they are taken. Keeping all these things in mind, you must focus on the quality of your home photos while selling your house.

You must agree that better are the photographs, more will be the number of buyers that you will attract. Here we are going to mention some tips that would help you capture the best pictures of your house and attract maximum buyers.

1. Prefer professional real estate photography services

Just think whether you would open and look at a picture of a home that has no clarity, or just 2 or 4 pictures? Obviously, you will not; instead, you’re going to skip it. And while selling your house, you would not want potential buyers to skip your homes photos the same way.

That’s the reason you should give priority to the quality and resolution of the pictures.

No doubt you can click amazing pictures with your smartphone but it would be better to spend on a professional real estate photography services if you have some budget. Always remember that no buyer will be attracted if the picture quality is poor.

2. Take pictures from all angles

In order to attract the maximum customers to your house, you need to showcase your property as much you can. The pictures should let the viewer see the maximum of the property so that he can make an instant decision. That’s why you are recommended to take pictures from all angles of your house, the front view, back view, side view and more that would expose your property to the best. However, take the pictures from different angles and choose the perfect ones don’t skip to capture the essentials.

3. Make Sure You have these Essential Photos

There are some key areas of a house which if you capture in pictures would help you attract great deals from buyers. You should not skip these essentials in any case. These key areas include the front view of the property, bathroom, kitchen, living room and at least one bedroom.

These areas are those that let the buyers visualize themselves in the house only from the pictures. Among these key areas, kitchen and bathroom are highly crucial because all the buyers are concerned about them.

It is not only because they are most expensive to upgrade but it is also difficult to make changes. And while taking interior pictures of the bathroom and kitchen, make sure they are clean and every item is placed at its right location.

4. Lighting needs attention

how to take better listing photos

While taking real estate photos, make sure there is adequate lighting in the premises. You need to take special care while clicking photos of the interior. If the day is sunny, open the windows to let the natural light get in and if the day is cloudy or the windows don’t let enough light enter the room, put on all the lights for better captures. You can also use the fluorescent lights if the house lights are not enough to capture bright images.

5.  Take two or more images for the same view

As mentioned above, click multiple images for the same view. It would let you make a choice as sometimes, the little variations in the angle let you capture stunning views. However, capturing multiple images does not mean that you should put them all with the advertisement of your house. Instead, you should choose the best ones taken from the different sides to represent your property to the best.

6.Keep the rooms empty

There is nothing wrong if you want to upload the home pictures of different rooms but there are some considerations. Try to make the rooms empty while taking pictures as it will let the viewers have an idea of the space and how they will arrange the items as per their choice. And if it not possible to empty the room totally, you must remove all the extra items other than bedding and furniture. Keep in mind that better you show, more will be the offers.

7. Ensure that the house is clean

how to take great home listing pictures

One of the most important things that will make your home look attractive and stunning in the pictures is cleanliness. So, before you start with capturing your home images, clean your house thoroughly or get it cleaned by the professionals. Along with cleaning it properly, declutter the house; make sure that everything is in its place. Buyers are likely to get attracted when they envision themselves in a spic and span place.

There is no doubt that the photos are the major selling point for your house. Even one wrong picture will let you miss a lot of potential customers, so, you need to ensure that you are taking them the best way.