5 Tips to Sell Your Home Faster

how to sell home fast

Selling your house may become quite an uphill task especially when you’re planning to sell it fast.

You need to make sure that you’ve prepared and staged your house absolutely the right way before you put it on the market for sale.

Many home sellers think that they know everything when it comes to making the house ready.

However, in reality, home buyers can be simply impulsive and reject your house sometimes for reasons which perhaps you haven’t even thought of.

If you’re planning to make your house attention-grabbing and set it apart from the crowd, here are some key tips to find success.

1. De-clutter the Entire House

De-cluttering the entire house and organizing everything in it is perhaps the biggest thing you can do to sell your house immediately. Bedrooms and bathrooms are probably the mostly cluttered rooms in any house.

To create clutter-free, peaceful bedrooms, remove those pile of bills on the night table and stack of clothing lying on the floor.

De-cluttered bathrooms not only attract potential buyers but look healthier as well. Don’t store your medications (present and old ones for that matter) in the bathroom.

The same rule is applicable for your old skincare and makeup products too. Remove ill-fitting clothes and old shoes from the closets and drawers.

Don’t forget to pay attention to the no-brainer items such as socks without mates, ill-fitting pants and worn out sneakers, amongst others. Simply put them in a bag and get rid of them.

Extra shoes and coats can block the entryway and make the buyers fall out of love with your house. If possible, arrange them neatly in the closet.

If you don’t have adequate space for them, just put them in a bag, which you can give away or sell. Remember that you don’t need to spend lots of cash on stylish space maker tools or plastic storage containers.

In case you don’t want to get rid of the old shoes or clothing, you can use old shoeboxes, drawer dividers and unused baskets to keep them and make your house look more spacious and completely de-cluttered.

2. Clean Your House

When people look for a new house, they look for a fresh start. If you can show them something that matches what they’d love to imagine, you’ll be able to have better chances of closing a deal. A neatly cleaned house can simply do the job for you. Here’re the things that you can do.

 Clear off the surfaces: Remove as much thing as possible from the tops of nightstands, dressers
and desks to make the house look more spacious.

 Keep everything neat and tidy: Make sure that every closet, drawer and cabinet in your house is
clean and neat.

 Create a space for the regular things: In every house, there’re some things that are used on a
regular basis. Create designated spaces where you can store them away before visits of
potential buyers without making a big change.

Keep the beds easy to make: It may be a difficult task to make the bunk beds looking tidy. Use
things like blankets and sheets that can be easily folded and kept under the bed before the

 Perform laundry: Clothing in the washer doesn’t make your house attractive. Make sure you do
your laundry regularly so that you can neatly fold your clothes in the drawers.

 Keep the sinks empty: Try not to keep any dish or utensils in the sinks and dishwasher.
 Clean the bathroom mirrors regularly: Kids often manage to get toothpaste or their finger prints
on the bathroom mirrors. Clean those mirrors regularly to give the bathroom a spotless look.

 Vacuum daily: Vacuum the floors often to give them a sparkling clean look.

 Clean the counters daily: Wipe down all the counters in your kitchen and bathrooms regularly to
keep them ready for the showings with short notices.

 Wash the windows: Have all the windows washed by professionals or clean them yourself from
both sides. This’ll allow more light to pass through even on a cloudy day and make the rooms
appear bright and inviting.

 Clean up toys: If you’ve kids, you can possibly find toys scattered throughout the house.
Organize them neatly in the kids’ room to give your house a clean look.

3. Make It Stylish

Enhance the style quotient of your house’s interiors by removing sight-line interferences (like toys, small appliances, knick-knacks etc.) that make the space look crammed or stop the eye. Use things that attract and appeal to the eye.

It could be a decorative piece in the drawing room, a color combination of the next room, or a room that offers a unique view of the outdoors.

Though many house owners use rugs as they add warmth and color to the space, it’s better not to use them if they are placed haphazardly to break up the room or make the space look smaller (like when you use rugs in a bathroom). Yet, when you have a big spa, a color-coordinated rug can give the space a warm, inviting look.

The dining room and especially the table is another area that needs to be styled well. A bare dining table or a table with oversized bowls can look stiff and formal. It’s better to put a series of smaller vessels at the center of your table instead to up the style quotient of your dining room.

For the master bedroom, it’s ideal to go for a gender-neutral color and theme. Remove all your personal artifacts and clutter to make sure the place is inviting. Put crisp, clean linens on the bed, use an attractive artwork on the wall and place a comforter neatly folded at the bed’s foot to impress potential home buyers.

4. Light Your Home

Open your blinds and curtains to let as much light as possible to come in since that would make your space look spacious, bright and inviting. However, don’t use white light bulbs everywhere.

Instead, opt for lights with red- or yellow-toned hues as they would create a welcome feel and even hide some of your house’s small imperfections.

Remember to keep your porch lights on in the evenings and even light up your house’s front side to make the place inviting because some of your prospective buyers driving by may notice the same. This is especially important when you have scheduled your house showings in the evening.

To encourage your visitors to explore different areas of your house, use accent lights or hanging lights that attract the eye and pique interest. Remember that staging your house in the right light is crucial to get favorable offers and close a quick sale.

Whether you want to highlight specific nooks and corners of your home with accent lights, use ambient lights to offer the space a glow (while hiding the light source), or use candlelight, sunlight or firelight as natural light sources, your aim should be to make the space inviting and enticing that would make prospective buyers eager to take a detailed tour of the property.

5. Maintain It Properly

A well maintained home creates a positive first impression on prospective buyers. So, it’s important that you not only paint your walls but repaint your window and door trims as well since dingy frames will make it look shabby even when you have a fresh coat of paint on the walls.

While painting the interior and exterior, take care to conceal the worn out or chipped areas well. If you have broken items (say, a broken doorknob, malfunctioning sink, worn out or torn sofa etc.), fix or replace them. Before showing your house, make sure you have not missed those small but important final touches like fixing up some moldings or adding a few transition pieces to the flooring etc.

It’s important to give your prospective buyers the notion that the property was taken care of well and they won’t have to spend a huge sum on repair work or fixing broken, malfunctioning items because that may be a big deterrent to getting good offers from your potential buyers.

Keep Home in “Any Time Show Condition” Keeping a house clean and in prime showing condition all the time is a tough job. Yet, you have to ensure it, no matter whether you have put your house up for sale a few days or a few months back.

Living in a house for quite some time make people somewhat disorganized and they end up amassing a
lot of clutter. So, your first step should be to clear the clutter from bathroom counters, kitchen cabinets,
drawers, closets, as well as from tops of dressers, nightstands, desks and any other place that your
prospective buyers may take a peek into.

This will make your place look clean and inviting. Make sure to set the temperature of your interiors to a comfortable degree that would give your buyers one more reasons to stay put, especially when it’s too hot or cold outside.

Cleaning the home (from windows and floors to carpets and appliances) before a showing is a must-do thing. However, you shouldn’t forget the small things like wiping off an oily kitchen counter, cleaning toothpaste remnants from your sink, or removing trash cans (that are full up to the brim) out of sight before prospective buyers arrive.

Putting fresh towels in the bathroom and clean bed sheets in the bedroom are other steps to entice visitors. Since people love to touch things and feel the texture or the type of surface, make sure to wipe down common areas that may invite such touch like the hand rails, stair banisters etc.

In Conclusion…

Getting your house ready to be put up on the market involves a lot of work. Yet, you should stage the
property well to get good offers.

Though it may seem like a daunting and even tiring task to do it all, it would pay you handsomely when you are able to sell it fast.

Remember that a clean, tidy, appealing house is less likely to sit on the market for long.

So, put your best effort to get your house market-ready with the tips we have shared above and you will surely thank us after making a quick sale.