Fix your Credit Yourself with our DIY Credit Repair Guide

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How to improve your credit scores without using a credit repair company

You can increase your own credit score, and we show you to fix your credit, credit repair ebook

Credit repair basically means disputing the negative accounts on your credit report. This is what credit repair companies do for their clients, and it’s effective. All three credit bureaus allow consumers to dispute any item on their credit report. When you dispute an item, the credit bureau has 30 days to validate the account. If they do not hear back from the creditor with satisfactory validation within 30 days, it must be removed from your credit report.

You do not need a professional credit repair company to do this. Disputing accounts on your credit report is something you can do yourself, and have success. Use the advice in our guide to increase your credit score quickly. If you’re goal is to purchase a home, you should use the guide to maximize your credit scores before applying for a mortgage.

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Download our free credit repair guide. Inside you will find sample dispute letters, phone numbers, and secrets to remove negative items from your report better than any credit repair company will be able to do.

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