FHA Loan Approval Limits vary by state and county. We explain the FHA Loan Limits and guide you to find the best FHA lender for the type of loan you need.

fha loan approvalFHA Loan Approval Limits will vary based on the state and county you reside in. FHA loan limits range from $271,000 to $417,000 in most areas. More expensive areas like Beverly Hills, San Diego, Los Angeles where home prices are much higher than the US average the FHA limit is $729,750.

FHA loan requirements:

  • 580 Credit Score Minimum
  • 3.5% Down Payment (can be gifted)
  • Debt to Income Ratio not exceeding 50%
  • 2-6 months of mortgage payments in reserves
  • Loan amount not exceeding the FHA loan limit


Tier 1-TRUE FHA:  loans to these limits:
-$417,000 (1 unit)
-$533,850 (2 units)
-$645,300 (3 units)
-$801,950 (4 units)

Tier 2-HIGH-BALANCE FHA: loans to these limits:
-$729,750 (1 unit)
-$934,200 (2 units)
-$1,129,250 (3 units)
-$1,403,400 (4 units)
-High-Balance limits vary by county: find yours here

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